Behind the scenes when adopting an animal

It’s the middle of the night and I’m wide awake. That happens often when I’ve had a busy week. But this past week was very successful for us, so busy is good! We managed to find for-ever loving homes for 4 dogs. And by “we” I mean you guys, our amazing network of animal lovers who shared our adoption requests on social media with your friends and family. You guys are amazing! We’re just so thankful for the outpouring of love and decency that goes into actions like these. The rewards for animals who find their for-ever home are tremendous!

The mediation efforts in support of animals looking for amazing new families takes a lot of time. But it is more than worth it because we want to be absolutely sure our animals get what they deserve so much in life, which is a wonderful new home. We know we’re dealing with serious candidates if people are prepared to invest their time in this process.

But what happens after people have applied? We get this question often. All application forms are carefully reviewed. Those that look good are contacted and asked to provide some additional information. Based on the information given, we can quickly see who is eligible to adopt the animal. The animals we mediate for often come with a “backpack.” It is important that these animals are placed with the right families, and even though people might have a good heart, their personal situation might not be suitable for the animal they want to adopt.

The one we feel is the right fit is invited for an introduction with the animal at their host family. We keep all other applicants informed of the progress. Someone from KFAAF is always present at every meeting whether or not a dog behavior therapist comes as well.

During these meetings we allow time for the potential adoptive parents to get acquainted with the animal. We read body language and closely observe interactions and responses of both the people and the animal. We’re looking for chemistry and any small opening where love and respect can grow into a bond of happiness. We want them to click! We all go out for a long walk and have a deeper conversation in order to get the know the family and discover what motivates them to adopt an animal.

If everything goes well, a second appointment will follow. At the second appointment we ask the potential adoptive parents to bring along their other pet (s) to see how they interact with each other. If that also goes well, a third appointment will be made for the new family to bring home their chosen animal. In some cases, we visit the adoptive parents to see how the home situation is.

Everyone who adopts an animal through KFAAF receives an adoption agreement in which clear agreements are made. In addition, adoptive parents can count on lifelong support from KFAAF for as long as the animal they’ve adopted is alive. If, for any reason whatsoever the animal cannot stay with the adoptive parents, they will be returned to KFAAF. We guarantee this. Experience has taught us that a careful approach is important to prevent the wrong match from being made.

We keep track of all ‘our’ animals that we’ve mediated for and keep everyone updated via Facebook. It’s important to us that you, our amazing network of animal lovers who help us find for-ever loving new families for our animals and who donate money to see the progress of the animals and their adventures, can follow them for the rest of their lives if so desired.

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts.